Anh Tu: ‘My wife told me I was still a child’

Anh Tu – 30 years old, plays “Super muddy meets super donkey” – says he is more mature when he marries Dieu Nhi, although he is sometimes criticized by his wife for being childish.
Actor Anh Tu starred in the movie Super Donkey Meets Super Muddy (directed by Vo Thanh Hoa), released in theaters at the end of February, so far, the revenue is more than 100 billion VND. He received more attention from the audience after marrying actor Dieu Nhi (32 years old), in October 2022.

The artist said fame and career developed after getting married. Music This song is not for performing because he composed for his wife to be in the top trending music on YouTube for nearly a month, helping Anh Tu to have his first hit and sing.

Actor full name Bui Anh Tu was born in 1993, graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Cinema. He is known to the audience through the film projects Family is number 1, 4 years, 2 boys 1 love, Crab re pregnant wife.

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