Stars experience the true life of a soldier

Supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, Miss Thien An, Mai Nhac … practiced with high intensity, suffered many injuries while on duty at Sao Enter Ngu 2023.

In a recent post on his personal page, Vo Hoang Yen posted a picture of his feet with many bruises, with the line sharing: “Degeneration of the knee joint and ankle effusion, but I don’t want to give up and give up. The worst defeat is when you lose your own race.”

The injury happened when on the first day Vo Hoang Yen participated in the challenge of being a soldier at Sao Entering the Army 2023. The cast in this year’s show is 8 rookies, 8 female artists including supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, flowers. Queen Thien An, rapper Mai Music, streamer Linh Ngoc Dam and actors Nha Phuong, Diem My 9x, Thuy Anh, Trang Hy.

Anh Tu: ‘My wife told me I was still a child’

Anh Tu – 30 years old, plays “Super muddy meets super donkey” – says he is more mature when he marries Dieu Nhi, although he is sometimes criticized by his wife for being childish.

Jackie Chan: ‘I’m bored in my free time’

Jackie Chan – China’s 69-year-old action star – said that every time he finished work, he returned to his room and felt depressed.

On March 24, the fan page of the film crew Spirit of the Dragon posted some videos of the 69-year-old actor on the set. Jackie Chan said that when he did not have a filming schedule, he still went to the filming site to observe and monitor the progress of the work.
Every time after work, go to the break room, the actor feels uncomfortable. “Lying in my room, turning off the light, I think about a lot of things. So filming is when I’m happiest,” said Jackie Chan.