Jackie Chan: ‘I’m bored in my free time’

Jackie Chan – China’s 69-year-old action star – said that every time he finished work, he returned to his room and felt depressed.

On March 24, the fan page of the film crew Spirit of the Dragon posted some videos of the 69-year-old actor on the set. Jackie Chan said that when he did not have a filming schedule, he still went to the filming site to observe and monitor the progress of the work.
Every time after work, go to the break room, the actor feels uncomfortable. “Lying in my room, turning off the light, I think about a lot of things. So filming is when I’m happiest,” said Jackie Chan.

Many people ask the actor why he still plays action scenes at the age of nearly 70, he said that he previously worked hard to make money and worked hard for his fans. To date, he strives for himself, overcoming the age limit. Jackie Chan hopes to complete at least one work a year.

The actor revealed that he wanted to create a second “Jackie Chan” but failed, because the market does not need people who are good at martial arts. He said that in recent years, investors only focus on finding beautiful, famous people to act in movies, regardless of whether they can act or not. The action scenes were taken care of by a stuntman.
The actor’s new film – Spirit of the Dragon Horse – is scheduled to hit theaters on April 7, where he plays Lao La, a martial arts professional who is old alone, in company with a horse. Lao La is in danger of losing his horse because of debt. While in trouble, he contacted his daughter Tieu Bao (played by Liu Hao Cun) – who shunned his father because of misunderstandings – asking for help.

Jackie Chan has been in movies for 60 years, famous for Plan A, The Bronx, Police Story, Rush Hour… In last year’s autobiography I Am Jackie Chan, the artist said his efforts were worth it. with the ticket money the audience spends to go to the cinema. In the early stages, viewers often screamed and panicked because of the actor’s challenging scenes, calling him “crazy”. But gradually, they wait for Jackie Chan to bring something new. The actor wrote: “Thinking about the future, I hope I don’t have too many diseases, be healthy and act in movies. I often tell my brothers, in this life, I don’t need to be number one, but only.”

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