Stars experience the true life of a soldier

Supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, Miss Thien An, Mai Nhac … practiced with high intensity, suffered many injuries while on duty at Sao Enter Ngu 2023.

In a recent post on his personal page, Vo Hoang Yen posted a picture of his feet with many bruises, with the line sharing: “Degeneration of the knee joint and ankle effusion, but I don’t want to give up and give up. The worst defeat is when you lose your own race.”

The injury happened when on the first day Vo Hoang Yen participated in the challenge of being a soldier at Sao Entering the Army 2023. The cast in this year’s show is 8 rookies, 8 female artists including supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, flowers. Queen Thien An, rapper Mai Music, streamer Linh Ngoc Dam and actors Nha Phuong, Diem My 9x, Thuy Anh, Trang Hy.

The star enlisted in the army in 2023 also drew attention with the re-appearance of Cape Long – a character who was loved by many viewers in the 2020 program.

7 days in the military environment are unprecedented experiences for female artists, such as waking up at 2:30 am to check the number of troops when hearing the alarm, practicing for sports festivals, challenging with many tasks of the female artist. soldier. Experiencing harsh training, rookies are constantly injured.
“Star Enlisted” 2023 is the first female commando season, which is considered to be more challenging than the seasons. This year’s show also witnessed the most injuries ever, when it had not finished 2 parts. Three stages, four out of eight new soldiers were injured.

Mr. Vo Thanh Hai – representative of the producer Viettel Media said: “With a lot of movement factors and high intensity of exercise, facing the problem of injury is something for anyone when participating in the program Sao Enter Ngu. must also be ready to face.”
According to the manufacturer’s representative, Sao Entering the Army 2023 is the season of commandos – an elite special force. The program team, while studying the training process at the 5th Water Commando Brigade of the Special Forces Army, also went through a thorough investigation and built a suitable curriculum under the advice of the unit.

For the stars participating in the experience, the exercises are designed to be physically suitable so as not to face serious injuries.
“With the water commando, a soldier has to swim 100 meters, but only 35 meters in the program. The net wall in the challenge of the general sports festival in episode 7 is 4 meters high, and the real commando soldiers are practice in 7-8-storey buildings …”, said Mr. Le Quy Giap – Deputy General Director of Sao Enter Ngu 2023.

Also according to the program representative, trauma is something participants have to face and overcome. “Like real soldiers in the army, they also have to face a lot of hardships, blood and tears to grow up, build a spirit that is not afraid of difficulties, even sacrificing their own lives. to defend the Fatherland. That is the indispensable part of the program,” he said.

Safety work before and during training is also tightened. Captain Nguyen Van Dung (Special Commando Squadron 7 – Water Special Forces Brigade 5) emphasized that, before the contents, the unit always prepares to ensure safety. The insurance force always follows closely to ensure safety, handle situations, and at the same time, military medics are also on standby if an injury occurs.

Stars Entering the Army 2023 – The Warriors of the Sea produced by Viettel Media airs every Friday with the time frames: 17:15 on QPVN channel; 21:15 on TV360; 9:30 pm on HTV7 channel, the program’s official Youtube channel and on the Mocha app; replays at 12:00 on Saturdays on channel SCTV6.

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